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Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé CL.75 + 2 Glasses - Tuscan Elegance
  • Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé CL.75 + 2 Glasses - Tuscan Elegance
  • Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé CL.75 + 2 Glasses - Tuscan Elegance


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The Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé CL.75 with 2 glasses is an elegant gift set that includes a bottle of rosé and two wine glasses. This rosé wine, with its delicate fruity and floral notes, is perfect for special moments and refined tastings.


The Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé CL.75 with 2 glasses is a refined choice for wine lovers who appreciate high-quality products. Produced by the ancient and renowned Frescobaldi winery, this rosé stands out for its elegance and its rich, complex aromatic profile. The gift set includes a 750 ml bottle of Alìe Rosé and two wine glasses, making it perfect for sharing a tasting experience or as a classy gift. Alìe Rosé is a wine born from the blend of Syrah and Vermentino grapes, cultivated in the vineyards of Tenuta Ammiraglia, located in the Maremma region of Tuscany. This area, with its unique microclimate and proximity to the sea, imparts distinctive organoleptic characteristics to the grapes. Visually, Alìe Rosé presents a delicate, bright, and luminous pink color. On the nose, it offers a complex and delicate aromatic bouquet, with notes of fresh red fruits such as strawberries and cherries, hints of pink grapefruit, and floral scents of roses and jasmine. On the palate, this rosé is fresh and lively, with a good structure and pleasant sapidity, making it extremely drinkable and versatile in food pairings. The Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé is ideal as an aperitif, but it also pairs wonderfully with light and fresh dishes, such as summer salads, fish dishes, sushi, and carpaccio of white meat. The inclusion of the two wine glasses in the gift set makes it perfect for sharing moments of conviviality, turning any occasion into a special and unforgettable experience. The history of the Frescobaldi family is intrinsically linked to Tuscan winemaking tradition, with over 700 years of experience and passion in producing fine wines. This constant commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in every bottle of Alìe Rosé, a wine that perfectly represents the excellence and refinement of Tuscan viticulture. In summary, the Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé CL.75 with 2 glasses is more than just a wine: it is a complete sensory experience, a journey through the scents and flavors of Tuscany, packaged in an elegant and meticulously crafted gift set.

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