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Alessandro Camporeale Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC CL.75 - Sicilian Elegance
  • Alessandro Camporeale Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC CL.75 - Sicilian Elegance


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The Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC CL.75 by Alessandro Camporeale

is an elegant Sicilian white wine. Made from Grillo grapes, it offers a rich aromatic bouquet and a fresh, complex taste, perfect for pairing with seafood and fresh cheeses.


Alessandro Camporeale's Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC CL.75

encapsulates the essence of Sicilian viticulture, combining tradition and innovation in a refined white wine. Located in the heart of Sicily, Alessandro Camporeale is renowned for its dedication to quality and the promotion of native grape varieties. Grillo, a native Sicilian grape variety, is the cornerstone of this exceptional label. The grapes are sourced from the Vigna Mandr vineyard, an area characterized by a unique microclimate and calcareous-clay soil that imparts a pronounced minerality to the wine. Harvesting is done manually in the early morning to preserve the freshness of the berries, followed by a meticulous vinification process that respects the varietal characteristics. Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC appears in the glass with a bright straw yellow color, enhanced by golden reflections. The nose offers a complex and enveloping bouquet: notes of fresh citrus, white flowers, aromatic herbs, and delicate hints of exotic fruit blend harmoniously, creating an intriguing and inviting aromatic profile. On the palate, the wine stands out for its freshness and well-balanced structure.

The lively acidity, typical of Grillo, is perfectly balanced by a slight sweetness and a soft, enveloping texture. The flavors evolve elegantly, revealing a persistent and pleasant aftertaste, with nuances of almond and a hint of sapidity reminiscent of the Sicilian terroir. Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC CL.75 is a versatile wine, ideal for pairing with a variety of dishes. It pairs beautifully with seafood, shellfish, grilled fish, and fresh cheeses, but can also be enjoyed as an aperitif, thanks to its freshness and aromatic complexity. Served at a temperature of 10-12°C, it expresses its organoleptic characteristics at their best, offering a unique tasting experience. Alessandro Camporeale, with Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC, reaffirms its commitment to producing high-quality wines that reflect the richness and diversity of the Sicilian territory. Each bottle is a tribute to the local winemaking tradition and an invitation to discover the nuances and flavors that make Grillo such a appreciated grape variety. In summary, Vigna Mandr.Grillo DOC CL.75 by Alessandro Camporeale is more than just a wine: it is a sensory journey through the sunny landscapes of Sicily, an experience that celebrates the beauty and generosity of a unique land. Perfect for any occasion, it is an excellent choice for those who wish to explore the world of Sicilian white wines with style and authenticity.

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