Discover the Craftsmanship of Avola Rum di Sicilia: Tradition and Qual
  • Discover the Craftsmanship of Avola Rum di Sicilia: Tradition and Qual
  • Discover the Craftsmanship of Avola Rum di Sicilia: Tradition and Qual
  • Discover the Craftsmanship of Avola Rum di Sicilia: Tradition and Qual


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Avola Rum di Sicilia:

A unique product in Italy, Avola Rum is crafted by the passion of Corrado Bellia, known as “Ron Currau”. Utilizing traditional methods from 1878 described by botanist Giuseppe Bianca, Bellia cultivates Italy’s only sugarcane plantation in Avola, Sicily. Thanks to the ideal climatic conditions, with hot summers and mild winters, the cane grows robustly, producing juice of the highest quality. The production follows authentic agricultural methods: the cane is harvested, pressed, and fermented with care before being distilled using the discontinuous bain-marie method, enhancing the rum’s sensory components. Avola Rum represents Sicilian artisanal excellence in the international distillate landscape.


Avola Rum di Sicilia:

Avola Rum represents a remarkable revival of traditional rum production in Sicily, brought to life by Corrado Bellia, affectionately known as “Ron Currau”. This exceptional rum is produced using the "agricultural" method, which involves cultivating the only sugarcane plantation currently existing in Italy, right in Avola. The techniques employed are inspired by the historical practices detailed in 1878 by botanist Giuseppe Bianca.

Unique Climatic Advantages

The unique climatic conditions of Sicily, characterized by hot summers and mild winters, create an ideal environment for sugarcane cultivation. These favorable conditions have supported the growth of sugarcane for centuries and continue to ensure a high-quality yield in this region. The sugarcane is harvested between December and April, timed to achieve optimal sugar content. During harvesting, the canes are cut at the base, where the sugar concentration is highest, and the leaves and tips are removed. The tops, if properly preserved, can be replanted in spring to establish new crops.

Traditional Production Process

Pressing and Fermentation After harvesting, the canes are cleaned and pressed using specialized machinery that extracts the juice while separating it from the bagasse, a fibrous byproduct utilized in various industries such as biomass, eco-friendly tableware, and fertilizers. The extracted juice then undergoes fermentation, a crucial process lasting from 4 to 10 days, during which the sugar in the juice is converted into alcohol. This process is carefully monitored daily to ensure proper fermentation.


The fermented juice is then ready for distillation, which is carried out using the discontinuous method involving two successive distillations in alembic stills to produce the finest rum. This phase is critical, as the distiller's expertise plays a key role in enhancing the sensory qualities inherent in the fermented cane juice. There are various models of alembics used in distillation, including direct fire, bain-marie, and steam. Avola Rum is distilled using the discontinuous bain-marie method, which meticulously preserves the rum's aromatic complexity and depth of flavor.

Artisanal Excellence

Avola Rum di Sicilia is a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship and dedication to quality that defines Sicilian rum production. The meticulous attention to detail at each stage—from cultivation to distillation—ensures that Avola Rum stands out as a premium product, offering a unique and rich tasting experience that reflects the heritage and natural beauty of Sicily.

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