LAVIK Liquore al Cioccolato e Arancia Elegance and unique taste 10cl,
  • LAVIK Liquore al Cioccolato e Arancia Elegance and unique taste 10cl,


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LAVIK Chocolate Orange Liqueur

Discover the elegance of LAVIK, a refined chocolate liqueur enriched with a hint of orange. Perfect for any occasion, this delightful liqueur combines the rich taste of chocolate with the refreshing zest of orange, offering a unique flavor experience. Ideal to enjoy on its own, over ice, or as a special ingredient in cocktails and desserts. Try LAVIK and let its irresistible aroma and taste captivate you. Available now for online purchase and in select stores.


LAVIK Chocolate & Orange Liqueur

is a delightful blend of rich chocolate and tangy orange flavors, creating a uniquely smooth and indulgent liqueur experience. This liqueur is ideal for those who enjoy the classic combination of chocolate and citrus. Made in Israel, LAVIK Chocolate & Orange Liqueur is perfect for sipping on its own, over ice, or as a versatile ingredient in a variety of cocktails.

The liqueur offers a balanced flavor profile where the bitter-sweetness of high-quality chocolate melds seamlessly with the zesty brightness of oranges. With an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 15%, it provides a gentle warmth without overpowering the palate. The 50cl bottle is both elegant and practical, making it a great addition to any home bar or as a gift for liqueur enthusiasts.

Whether used as a base for sophisticated cocktails or enjoyed as a standalone drink, LAVIK Chocolate & Orange Liqueur stands out for its rich, velvety texture and delightful flavor complexity. It can also be a wonderful pairing with desserts or a creative ingredient in culinary recipes, adding a luxurious twist to any dish.

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