Vulcanica Vodka: The Essence of Sicily
  • Vulcanica Vodka: The Essence of Sicily


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Vulcanica Vodka

is a refined drink made from a blend of ancient Sicilian grains, known for their rich protein content and low gluten index. The small-batch distillation process using a copper column enhances the smoothness and sophistication of the product, reflecting the true essence of Sicily. The vodka is diluted with pure Sicilian water and undergoes a light filtration to preserve the complex flavors of the grains, resulting in a proudly non-transparent and flavorful vodka.


Vulcanica Vodka: The Essence of Sicily

Vulcanica Vodka is the result of artisanal mastery that combines the richness of ancient Sicilian grains with a meticulously curated distillation process. These grains, symbols of a millennia-old culinary tradition, are grown in the fertile lands surrounding Mount Etna and are renowned for their high protein content and low gluten index, imparting a distinctive and robust flavor to the vodka.

Our distillation process is conducted in small batches using a copper column, which allows us to extract the maximum aromatic essences from the grains, producing a spirit that is both smooth and sophisticated. Copper distillation not only ensures superior purity but also preserves the natural aromatic notes of the ancient grains. For diluting our vodka, we use only the purest waters from the island's natural springs, adding an extra layer of freshness and authenticity.

Our light filtration process maintains the complex aromatic notes of the grains, making Vulcanica a proudly non-transparent and flavor-rich vodka. Vulcanica Vodka is a tribute to Sicily's rich heritage, offering a unique tasting experience that evokes the volcanic landscapes, traditions, and passion of the island. Each sip is a journey through Sicily, from its fertile lands to its pure water springs, reflecting the true essence of the island.

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