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Tradition Vulcanica was born from a passion for Sicilian craftsmanship and a desire to innovate while keeping tradition alive. This authentic Sicilian vodka is made from grains grown on the slopes of Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage site. As the first vodka with these characteristics, Vulcanica stands out for its uniqueness and superior quality.

Ancient Grains

The company is committed to innovating and supporting the agricultural sector in Sicily, respecting the environment, and preserving the biodiversity of ancient grains. These grains, despite their lower yields, offer two great advantages: they require few or no pesticides and have a low gluten index. For the first time in history, ancient Sicilian grains are being artisanally processed and distilled to produce a unique premium vodka: Vulcanica. The Joy of Living: Sicilianity Vulcanica's mission is to capture and convey the essence of Sicily, an island in the heart of the Mediterranean where the scents of orange blossoms and citrus awaken emotions, and vibrant hues ignite passions. The island's wild nature harmonizes with local craftsmanship, traditions, and inherent beauty, evoking an unparalleled joy of living. This is the Sicily that Vulcanica aims to deliver in every bottle.

Heightening the Senses:

Taste Vulcanica is an unexpected vodka with a distinctive taste, perfect both neat with ice and mixed with Sicilian fruits, herbs, and flavors. Thanks to its organoleptic properties, derived from a light artisanal filtration process, Vulcanica envelops emotions. In mixology, it allows for the creation of cocktails that awaken the senses, stimulating vitality and sociality. Every sip of Vulcanica is an experience that heightens the senses and celebrates life.

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