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Our website offers a large selection of delicacies directly from the enchanting island of Sicily. Discover the secrets of typical wines and liqueurs, from the deep notes of Marsala to the delicate aromas of Passito di Pantelleria, for a sensorial journey through the Sicilian vineyards. Delight your palate with our artisanal spreads, made with top quality ingredients such as pistachios from Bronte, almonds from Avola and oranges from Sicily. Enjoy tradition and innovation with our panettone and crunchies, expertly prepared according to ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. Explore the richness of Bronte pistachios, loved all over the world for their intense flavor and crunchy texture. From classic toasted and savory versions to surprisingly tasty pistachio pestos, you will find a wide range of products to satisfy every desire. Thanks to our attention to quality and commitment to preserving Sicilian culinary traditions, we offer you an authentic and fulfilling online shopping experience. Discover the best of Sicily in our assortment and let yourself be conquered by its unique and unforgettable flavours."


  • Creme spalmabili

    Our spreadable creams offer a unique sensory experience, perfect for transforming any moment into a special occasion. Made with high-quality ingredients, each spoonful provides a velvety texture and an irresistible taste. From dark chocolate to hazelnut, pistachio, and vanilla, each variant is crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Ideal for a rich breakfast or a sweet snack, our spreadable creams are the perfect complement to bread, cookies, fruit, and much more. Discover the pleasure of an authentic and genuine taste, made with passion and attention to detail.

  • Sicilian wines

    Sicilian wines embody the essence of the island, offering a variety of red, white, and sweet wines that reflect Sicily's rich winemaking tradition and unique terroir.

  • sicilian beers

    Sicilian beers embody the authenticity and tradition of the island, featuring unique flavors that reflect Sicily's rich cultural and gastronomic heritage.

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