Wines are alcoholic beverages produced from the fermentation of grape juice. This category encompasses a wide range of varieties and styles, each with unique characteristics derived from the type of grape used, the production method, and the region of origin.


  • Sparkling wines

    Discover the Class of Selected Sparkling Wines: Champagne, Prosecco, Franciacorta and More

    Explore the world of selected sparkling wines, from the elegant bubbles of French Champagne to the freshness of Italian Prosecco and the complexity of Franciacorta. In-depth knowledge of the characteristics and tasting notes, ideal for any special occasion. Discover the notable producers and let yourself be tempted by the variety of styles and aromas. A journey through the taste and tradition of the best sparkling wines.

  • Red wines

    Red wines are appreciated for their rich flavors, ranging from fruity notes to more complex hints of spices and oak. Perfect for pairing with meat dishes, aged cheeses, and pasta.

  • Vini rosati

    Rosé wines are known for their bright pink color and fruity aromatic profile, perfect for pairing with light summer dishes.

  • White wines

    White wines are produced from the fermentation of white grapes or from red grapes with clear pulp. They are known for their freshness, acidity, and fruity or floral aromas.

  • Sweet wines

    Sweet wines are known for their rich, enveloping taste, perfect for pairing with desserts and moments of relaxation.

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